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Lions Bay Media is an online media agency that specializes in results. Whether you're a publisher with online traffic, manage a call center with hundreds of staff or have a product or service you are looking to sell online, we can develop an interactive online marketing campaign that caters to your needs.

From results oriented direct response website design and extensive optimization to proprietary filter technology, we offer a comprehensive lead and traffic management solution.

In our competitive industry you can't just be good... you have to be the best. Lions Bay Media delivers for both our advertisers and publishers across many verticals around the globe.

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At Lions Bay Media we offer a complete turnkey solution to help you take your product or service to the next level.

Whether you run an international sales force or have a local call center, we harness the power of internet to find your target market and deliver your message to the correct audience while hitting your ROI metrics.

Lions Bay Media (LBM) specializes in developing, building and optimizing lead generation and sale programs online.

We work with clients from diverse industries who are looking to increase both the quality and volume of their online leads. We have years of experience generating high quality customers for our clients.

Just a few of the benefits of having Lions Bay Media as your online partner are:

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    We have built custom tools for optimizing web pages to increase your overall conversion rates.

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    We can run multivariate tests on your pages to show you how small changes to your design and copy can affect your close rates on new sales.

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    We have developed proprietary solutions for checking data validity and ensuring you only receive the highest quality leads genuinely interested in your product.

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    We have massive global reach and currently generate leads in the USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia & New Zealand among others.

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    Our in-house design team is top notch and co-ordinates with existing TV, radio or other marketing programs to deliver a consistent message, strengthening sales and your brand. We take the risk out of online advertising and charge you only for performance.



Unlike the thousands of CPA networks that exist, Lions Bay Media owns all their offers. From design, hosting, optimization, merchant processing & customer service, we do it all.

What's this mean for you?

No more middlemen. You get the security of working with an established partner (we've been around for over 6 years now) without a company who adds no value and takes 15% of your profits off the top.


What sets us apart?

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    Stop letting middlemen eat away at your margins; get the CPA world's top offers right from the source.

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    All publishers know that pixel tracking isn't accurate. Because we host all our own offers, we show you the REAL database stats. We can of course place your pixels for you so your program tracks within your own system, but don't be surprised when we pay you every month for 5%+ more sales than you knew you had.

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    Easy to see real time statistics, lets you know how you're doing.

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    We have a team constantly optimizing our programs to make sure all our offers are the top performing offers on the web. Our creative team works directly with our publishers to make sure they have exactly what they need to grow.

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    We know our success lies in the success of all our partners so we ensure we have the most responsive account management team dedicated to your needs.

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    Our in house copywriters and design team can work with you to create you exclusive content and banners for your sites or newsletters. We know how important it is to differentiate yourself from your competition which is why we go the extra mile to be your partner in success.



Lions Bay Media is always looking for exceptional talent to add to our team. With offices across Canada, we've had year over year growth since our inception more than 6 years ago.

We're a company with no ego and believe that the best ideas come when all members of the team collaborate together.



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